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Learning Management :
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Learning management for Microsoft enterprises

By delivering training content that’s embedded in your day-to-day office systems, and accessible across all core platforms, learning becomes convenient and collaborative, and not something that’s disjointed and isolated.

  • Access learning in Microsoft Teams or SharePoint
  • Learn on the go & offline from your mobile device
  • Host hybrid learning in Teams

Take advantage of your Microsoft 365 platform and AI to create, administrate, deliver and track training content in virtually any format including SCORM, videos, PowerPoints, Sway, PDFs, etc.

You can also use the Teams platform to create a collaborative learning experience that includes Teams video calling, breakout rooms, transcripts and Microsoft Translator to create an interactive and accessible learning experience for your workforce.


The benefits of learning in Teams & SharePoint

Easy to use

Learning blends seamlessly with your workforce’s everyday working platform – there’s no separate portal to log into.

Access training directly from Teams, recommend courses to colleagues, chat about training and reach out to subject matter experts for a fully democratised learning experience.

Deliver virtual and hybrid training using Teams to connect remote and in-classroom delegates. 

Embed learning into your SharePoint intranet, surfacing learning content alongside related topics.

A Mobile App gives access to learning on-the-go, with the ability to complete training offline.

Deliver, track & manage virtually any content

  • Cyber security training
  • Microsoft 365 skills training
  • Mental health support
  • Onboarding for new employees
  • Remote working & health & safety advice
  • GDPR & other compliance guidelines
  • ISO 27001 training
  • Company product training
  • Sales training
  • Partner channel training

Easy to administrate

Intuitive, SharePoint and Teams-integrated administration makes it easy to respond to any training need without unwanted complexity.

Courses and learning modules are created using a Learning Module Builder which guides you every step of the way

Use any kind of content including documents, images, videos, quizzes, Sways and SCORM.

Take advantage of built-in AI to automatically generate course materials and quizzes from videos, PowerPoints, Word docs, PDFs and text.

Integration with Microsoft 365 means it’s easy to secure and manage learner groups.

Simply enrol an existing Microsoft 365 Group into a course or training plan, and any time a new user is added to this group, they are automatically enrolled.  You can also define your own learner groups.

Advanced reporting & tracking

On-screen tracking of live progress data lets you track your learners’ progress and see where additional assistance might be required.

Managers can see the progress of ‘direct reports’ via Teams or SharePoint (see screen shot right).

  • Course owners can be given a progress dashboard & leaderboard
  • Canned Excel reports enable you to report on group progress
  • Advanced analytics using ready-made Power BI dashboards let you view overall trends
A screen shot that shows how line managers can review the training progress of their direct reports

Maintain certification compliance

  • Create quizzes to check understanding
  • Capture ‘read & understood’ confirmations
  • Set due dates & expirations
  • Manage role-based certifications
  • Target retraining in the event of a role change
  • Automatically publish SOPs (standard operating procedures)
  • Track CEUs (continuing education units).

Make learning compelling

  • Use Teams to chat about course content & share the learning experience
  • An AI-powered chat bot helps learners find the courses they’re looking for
  • Send updates on progress & reminders using Outlook emails or Teams chat
  • Certificates on completion boost morale
  • Inbuilt ‘gamification’ lets you set goals & assign scoring
  • Leaderboards let learners compare their progress alongside co-workers.

Create a tailored learning experience

Quickly customise your learning portal to showcase your ‘learning brand’ and learning content in a way that’s exciting and impressive.

Build your own corporate ‘academy’ and fine-tune your content delivery to suit the different departments and user groups in your enterprise.

Allow user-driven selection from a catalog view, automatically enrol to mandatory training or trigger an onboarding learning path.

Take advantage of existing Microsoft 365 and Entra ID security groups or Teams membership to automatically target role-based training.


What to look for in a learning management system


Resources on learning management

What our customers have to say about us

What our customers have to say

“Early in our partnership I had the opportunity to meet with the Essential team at their UK offices. I was struck by their passion for their work, and their commitment to providing a top-notch client experience. Since that initial meeting, Essential has stayed true to those qualities and we continue to appreciate the ongoing commitment to providing the highest client value possible.”

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What our customers have to say

“On-line training means you don’t have to get a whole bunch of new starts in one room at the same time to do the training. It’s just more convenient.”

Gideon Tester, Business Digital Systems Manager, Altro Floors
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What our customers have to say

“1,076 people have visited the site, with visits in every hour of the day which shows the importance of learning and support resources being available 24/7 and on the go for our operational colleagues” Read more on LinkedIn>

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