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Migrate from Metalogix to Microsoft 365

Essential specialises in Metalogix Archive Manager migrations and can deliver a seamless, selective & audited migration from Metalogix Archive Manager to Microsoft 365.


Why we should be your only choice for your email archive migration

Looking for a super-fast & reliable migration from MAM to Microsoft 365 or elsewhere?

As a past reseller and technical support specialist for Metalogix Archive Manager (MAM), Essential is ideally placed to ensure you get the fastest, most reliable and relevant solution for your MAM to Microsoft 365 migration.

Using technology that’s proven in thousands of projects, and delivered either as a fully managed service or as an assisted migration (where your own IT team can oversee a successful project), your legacy on-premises archives will soon be accessible and centrally managed in Microsoft 365.

We can also move your MAM records to other platforms as required, including hosted archives such as Veritas EV.cloud.

  • Be selective in what you move, e.g. only migrate emails < 7 years old
  • Move recent emails to primary mailboxes, older emails to archives
  • Remove legacy shortcuts from mailboxes
  • Achieve optimum speeds thanks to cutting-edge performance techniques
  • Migrate archived journals as well as mailboxes & public folders
  • Preserve ‘leavers’ archives
  • Get a full audit trail of each item moved.


Key benefits Essential can provide

Move quickly in 1 clean step

Your archives are migrated by a high-performance service that connects directly to both your MAM archive & Microsoft 365 using cutting-edge techniques to avoid the effect of service throttling.

There’s no interim storage or formats that could compromise the integrity of your data or add extra cost and time to your migration.

Prioritises the end user experience

Our solution preserves the end user’s view of their archived emails as you move. Folder structures are maintained and MAM shortcuts are cleaned up, ensuring end-users have a seamless migration experience into Microsoft 365.

100% Data integrity

As part of the migration you’ll get detailed chain-of-custody reports showing time-stamped, 1:1 mappings of the item ID in the MAM archive and the new ItemID created in Microsoft 365, enabling your business to meet compliance objectives.

Control what gets migrated where

There’s granular control over what gets migrated where in Microsoft 365. E.g.you could move items older than 2 years to In-Place Archives & move deleted items into hidden RIF folders to ensure eDiscovery completeness.

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