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Learning Management

Delivering our police force a LMS where security is essential

Whether it’s a health and safety course or a complex development plan that builds someone’s career path, delivering training is just one example of something that must now function in a fully remote or ‘hybrid’ environment.

  1. How do companies enable remote and hybrid learning successfully?
  2. How do you keep remote learners engaged without falling to ‘digital fatigue’?
  3. How do companies with a mainly field-based workforce maintain an ‘accessible by all’ ethos?
  4. How can the business remain compliant and report on learning progress, certifications and statistics?
  5. How can you deliver secure access to training resources to an external audience?

Learning where security is essential

Tackling any of these hybrid workforce training challenges isn’t easy, especially when maintaining a secure environment is an over-arching requirement.

We have recently delivered a Microsoft 365 LMS for a large UK Police Force whose main challenge was to keep its entire internal training content accessible to all users, whether they were in the office, out on the ground or travelling.

This hybrid approach to learning and training delivery in the police force is revolutionary in comparison to years gone by, where booking onto classroom course and spending days out of the office or out of active duty were the norm.

Now effective policing means embracing new ways of working and collaborating, and this extends to keeping up-to-date on the various technical and interpersonal skills that allow them to complete their duties effectively.

Mindful of needing to support a wide range of technical ‘savviness’, the Force was keen to provide a ‘2-click’ experience that gave retired colleagues that were rarely in the office the same easy access to training as currently-serving police officers, whether out and about or sitting in front of a desktop at HQ.

The learning management solution we provided (LMS365) enabled the Force to digitise its training content, build it into their Microsoft 365 environment and present it to users via Microsoft Teams, Microsoft SharePoint, or their mobile device.

From a user perspective this meant learning content could be consumed alongside what they were already using daily to communicate and collaborate.  In other words, ‘Learning in the Flow of Work’.

Leveraging the Microsoft Security Stack

In addition to providing the best experience for end users and learning and development staff alike, the Force faced the added security and data protection concerns that come with any Police sector application.

All ‘i’s must be dotted and ‘t’s crossed for a system to be introduced into their environment.

Fortunately, our solution sits on Microsoft’s multi-layered security ecosystem that includes Microsoft Azure for strong identity management and Microsoft Intune for mobile device security management.

Our LMS has also been assured for use throughout UK governments and is included in the G-cloud digital market placeIts compliance with government cloud security principles is verified annually by the Government Digital Service (GDS).

You can read more about an LMS365 project in the Police sector on LinkedIn>

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Learning in the Flow of Work

If you want to find out more about delivering learning ‘in the flow of work, or migrating from an existing LMS system to one that’s designed for Microsoft 365, get in touch.