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Q Associates

Workspace Booking System

AgendaX Gives Q Associates the whole picture

Q Associates is one of the UK’s leading technical computing specialists, with considerable experience in the implementation of high performance IT, data management and business applications for clients throughout the corporate and public sectors.

“Efficient allocation of resources is key to maintaining the highest levels of service for our customers. This means we rely heavily on calendaring to book project team meetings, schedule consultancy and training services, and so on,” explained Q Associates’s Technology Manager.

Prior to its migration to Microsoft Exchange, Q Associates had used a web-based calendar service that gave a consolidated view of everyone’s diaries.

“Although Outlook Calendar made it easy for individuals to manage and view their own diary, our users found they were missing the ‘whole view’ that the web calendar used to provide. Having searched on Google under ‘Outlook Group Calendar’, we quickly found the Essential web site and downloaded an evaluation of a solution called AgendaX.”

A Calendar Service for the Entire Company

Enhancing Outlook Calendar

Prior to its migration to Exchange, end users at Q Associates had worked with a web-based calendar service that offered a consolidated view of everyone’s diary. Whilst the replacement Outlook Calendar service enabled users to easily manage and view their own diaries, checking the movements of everyone in the organisation was difficult. “AgendaX solved the problem instantly by providing the service we were used to. We still use Outlook Calendar to book meetings, but AgendaX makes it much easier to see the whole company’s whereabouts. Colourcoded bars help you work out at a glance who is free or where someone is. Quite simply, it saves a lot of time.”

How It Works

AgendaX works in conjunction with Outlook, publishing the free/busy times from all users’ calendars as a series of customisable web pages. These pages can be accessed via the corporate intranet and are automatically kept up-to-date. A ‘Who is where?’ view gives an instant snapshot of where everyone is together with their contact details. Weekly, monthly, quarterly and even yearly views show a consolidated ‘wall planner’ style overview of meetings, holidays, days off sick etc. Users can drill down on detail as required, and create their own groups of co-workers to view at once.

Managing Non-Human Resources!

As well as using AgendaX to help boost worker efficiency, Q Associates is using AgendaX to maximise the use of its meeting room resources. “We have three meeting rooms as well as a benchmarking and demonstration suite for customers. AgendaX makes it easy for everyone to see when the rooms are free.”

Working With AgendaX & Essential

Essential is efficient, approachable and delivered what they promised. Much like AgendaX. As with most users they just want new applications and services to work, and AgendaX certainly does work. We find it to be stable, reliable, easy to manage and easy to get to grips with.

To find more information on how AgendaX can help your company with a web-based group calendaring for Exchange and Outlook, click on the link below:

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