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Email Journal Migration

Towergate – Migration from Zantaz EAS to Mimecast

Graham Smith, Head of Infrastructure & Operations at Towergate Partnership gives his feedback on Essential’s migration service.

Last year we decided to host several key applications offsite in response to rising DataCentre costs in central London. This included our legacy onsite email archive system, which was causing us several problems, including squeezes on capacity, limitations around DR, and poor synchronisation for users running Outlook in cache mode.

As well as an improved archive and email DR service, by going to the cloud we will see a major saving in email storage. Our email volumes have been growing 50% year on year and with the hosted Mimecast service we have a per-mailbox charging model.

Essential Computing performed an extraction of around 12TB of data from ZANTAZ EAS, our old system, into the format required by Mimecast. We could not have achieved this step without them. In fact I would say their service has been essential.

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