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Email Archive Migration to Office 365

Move your on-premises archives directly into Microsoft 365 in 1 step, maintaining full chain-of-custody and ensuring a seamless experience for end users when migrating your email Archive to Office 365.

Even if you don’t have a regulatory need to protect your records, ensuring staff maintain quick and easy access to past business transactions and other information held in emails can have a massive impact on business efficiency and your bottom line.

Migrate to Office 365

Migrate Your Email Archive to Office 365 from Virtually Any Source Archive!

Here are some common migration routes, but see the supported archives listing below for more options.

Regardless of your source, rest assured that we will be able to move your email archives into Office 365 fast, reliably and securely. We are able to support almost all major email archive solutions to be moved into Office 365.


EV to office 365 email archive migration

Enterprise Vault to Office 365

EAS to Office 365 email archive migration

HP/Autonomy/Zantaz EAS to Office 365

MAM to Office 365 email archive migration

Metalogix Archive Manager to Office 365

AXS One to office 365 email archive migration

AXS One to Microsoft Office 365

Accelerate productivity, compliance & onboarding with learning management that runs in Microsoft 365, SharePoint & Teams.


Other Source Archives

Other source archives supported for Office 365 migration

  • Autonomy Consolidated Archive (ACA)
  • Autonomy Message Manager for Exchange or Notes (aka CAMM)
  • Autonomy NearPoint (aka Mimosa)
  • Assentor Mailbox Manager (aka iLumin)
  • EMC EmailXtender for Exchange or Notes
  • EMC SourceOne for Exchange or Notes
  • OpenText IXOS-eCONserver
  • Quest Archive Manager
  • EML, MSG, PST or NSF files
  • Unify Daegis AXS-One for Exchange or Lotus Notes

Simply let us know about your source archive and your email archive migration project requirements by clicking here.


Email Archive Migration

Powerful, Super Fast Email Archive Migration to Office 365

  • Migrate directly to Office 365 primary mailboxes or In-place Archives (or a combination of both).
  • Supports migration from Enterprise Vault, EAS, EmailXtender, SourceOne,
  • Quest, Metalogix, AXS-One and more.
  • Move in 1, end-to-end step, reducing time and removing risk.
  • Be selective in what you move, e.g. only emails < 10 years old.
  • Remove legacy shortcuts from mailboxes.
  • Achieve optimum speed thanks to cutting-edge performance techniques.
  • Get a full audit trail of each item moved.

Archive Migration

Expert Email Archive Migration

If you need to migrate content out of a legacy archive or journal into Office 365, maintaining the integrity and accessibility of your corporate email records is vital.


Essential has performed hundreds of enterprise email archive migrations and we know what it takes to achieve the fastest results combined with zero downtime for your end users and full auditing for your legal department.


Ever mindful of the fact that budgets are always stretched, we can empower your own IT team to take a DIY approach to completing a migration. We are also happy to provide an end-to-end, fully-managed, fixed price migration.

Our Process

Above all, we work closely with all the relevant stakeholders to ensure a migration that meets IT, end user and business and legal needs.

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