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Covid-Secure Workspace Booking

Keep your workforce & visitors safe

Help your workforce return to the office with confidence and be prepared to respond to future challenges.


Covid-secure workspace management

Use smart workplace booking to navigate your return to the office

The right technology, policies and implementation strategy can massively streamline the various provisions you want to make to:

  • Help keep your workforce & visitors safe
  • Optimise opportunities for collaboration when in the office
  • Share a reduced amount of office space equitably
  • Easily react to any future changes in social distancing & tracking guidelines

Working with Essential you can find the optimal solution for both your immediate return to the office and your future workspace management needs.


M365 workspace resource mailboxes

Enterprise level desk booking solution and room management software that builds on your Microsoft 365 & Exchange infrastructure.

Workforce Benefits

Easy to use & reassuring​

As your workforce navigates their return to the office, enterprises now face several new challenges.​

New office layouts will be unfamiliar. Many staff members will have ‘lost’ their ‘usual desk’. The amount of available workspace may have reduced significantly.​

An efficient workspace booking system can help your hybrid workforce feel confident their visit to the office will be both safe & productive.​

Put your colleagues at ease

  • Make it easy to select the ideal workspace e.g. accessible, riser desk​
  • Use interactive floor plans that show facilities & safety measures
  • Enable bookings nearby team members
  • Pinpoint where health & safety & first aid staff are sitting
  • Combine workspace & parking bookings.​

Automatic social distancing

Limit booking to designated COVID-secure desks or automatically create a safety zone (e.g., 2 metres) by taking nearby desks ‘out of service’ when staff make their booking.​

Limit office occupancy without the need for costly tracking technology.

See Our Video, Safe distancing using auto-zoning in our workspace booking system

Safe, contactless operation​

Provide a range of no-touch booking options including mobile app (iOS & Android), Outlook or any browser.​

Check into a booked workspace by scanning a QR code, clicking on an email link or using existing RFID security passes.​

See Video, Contactless workspace checking-in options with the most flexible workspace booking tool you’ll find!

Increased visibility of safety measures​

​Include the location of sanitisers, traffic flow arrows and other safety facilities & service providers on floor plans.​

Make all bookings subject to a self-certification that staff have no COVID-19 symptoms.​

Use digital signage to show that a used desk is awaiting cleaning and cannot be used.

FM Benefits

Reduce the overheads of being COVID-secure​

We all hope we won’t have to worry about COVID-19 measures going forwards, but being prepared and able to quickly adapt how your office space is used and protected is a good idea. 

A booking solution can help you streamline the provisioning of safely-spaced workspaces and other services such as between-use cleaning and contact tracing.​

It will also let you share a reduced number of workspaces more equitably, with policies that let you ​throttle daily office occupancy, enable team members to sit together, and avoid ‘workspace hogging’.​


Peter Carson, Founder and President, Envision IT

Streamline track & trace​

Know exactly who is visiting the office by automatically capturing self-certification in advance and check-in on arrival.​

Additionally collect visitor information at the time of booking a meeting.​

With this information you can see who may have been in contact with someone that tests positive following their office visit.​

Schedule cleaning​

Accurately track which workspaces have been used.​

Add in extra cleaning time and implement sign-off and release procedures for desks and rooms, to ensure facilities are cleaned before use.​

Use digital signage to alert staff when a workspace is yet to be sanitised.​

Reduce the costs of change​

Easily change what workspaces can be booked to reflect current government guidance on social distancing guidelines.​

Create policies to control the number of people allowed in the office at once.​

Support wellbeing​

Enable managers to understand the needs of their remote team by making office visits subject to approval & providing a reason for their visit.​

Frequent visits to ‘meet up with co-workers’ may be an indicator of mental health issues, or simply that better training on Microsoft Teams is required.​


Plan & optimise your workspace post-pandemic

Get insights & measures that will help you plan & manage your future workspace.

Research carried out by Cisco indicates that 77% of larger organisations will increase work flexibility moving forward, and their numbers also show that 53% of organisations will shrink the size of their offices.

As well as providing valuable services that will help you reduce the costs and overheads of implementing COVID-secure measures, our workspace scheduling solutions will give you the insights you need to use your future office space in the most productive and optimal ways for your workforce.

  • Providing insights into what types of spaces are being requested
  • Enabling data driven decisions around downsizing, reorganising, etc.

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