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Keep your workforce safe

Covid-secure desk booking

Use smart workplace booking to navigate your return to the office

As well as enabling remote working, technology will play a vital role in helping enterprises orchestrate a safe return to work.

Working with Essential you can find the optimal solution for both your immediate return to the office and your future workspace management needs.

Socially Distanced Desks

Ensure people can only book desks that are at a safe distance from one-another.

Staff Contact Tracing

Understand who occupied what workspace & when, so you can protect your team if someone falls ill.

Between-use Sanitation

Prevent touch contamination by ensuring meeting rooms & desks are cleaned after every use.

Validate & Survey

Intercept booking requests to get staff to self-certify or validate their reason for an office visit & gain insights to help plan your return to work strategy.

Covid-secure Workspace Booking (& Beyond)

Keep your teams safe whilst coping with the challenge & unknowns of managing your workspace during this unprecedented time.

Benefits for your workforce

Easy to use & reassuring

Make your workforce confident their office visit will be both safe & productive.

  • Provide a simple pre-booking process & ‘in-booking’ guidance
  • Enable desk selection from maps showing traffic flow, hand sanitisers, etc
  • Guarantee a correctly-spaced desk
  • Allow selection according to features (e.g. riser desk, docking station)
  • Ensure contactless booking & check-in on site
  • Clearly mark desk status (e.g. awaiting cleaning)
  • Make it easy to locate co-workers & colleagues

Benefits for your FM team

Reduce the overheads of being Covid-secure

Implementing the requisite safety measures & coping with constant change is costly & time consuming.

  • Automatically capture information for contact tracing
  • Reflect the latest Government guidelines with automated, flexible policies
  • Assess workforce well-being with the option to intercept requests
  • Make self-certification a part of the desk booking process
  • Support flexibility – e.g. open up over-spill areas such as meeting rooms
  • Orchestrate between-use cleaning services
  • Enable booking of other resources such as parking spaces

Benefits for your business

Plan & optimise your workspace post-pandemic

Get insights & measures that will help you plan & manage your future workspace

Research carried out by Cisco indicates that 77% of larger organisations will increase work flexibility moving forward, and their numbers also show that 53% of organisations will shrink the size of their offices.

Our workspace scheduling solutions will help you use your future office space in the most productive and optimal ways for your workforce, with services that include:

  • Intercepting booking requests to establish the reason for an office visit
  • Limiting the number of days/hours staff can visit the office or book the same workspace
  • Ensuring workers can quickly find & book the best type of workspace for their office visit
  • Providing insights into what types of spaces are being requested
  • Enabling data driven decisions around downsizing, reorganising, etc.

Solution Deep Dive

Workforce benefits

FM benefits

Workforce benefits

Deliver a range of services to help your workforce feel confident their office visit will be protected & productive

Ensure safe distancing

Use pre-designated Covid-secure desks or automatically create a safety zone (e.g. 2m) by taking nearby desks ‘out of service’ when staff make their booking.

FM benefits

Reduce the overheads of allowing for Covid measures

Track & trace

Protect your people by capturing booking details and check-in information. 

With this vital information, if one of your colleagues falls ill, you can run reports on whom they may have come into contact with.

Streamline your meeting room & desk scheduling

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