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Announcing ZENSAI – the platform for human success in Microsoft 365

We are thrilled to unveil an exciting update from our esteemed partner, LMS365, who have recently re-branded as Zensai.

LMS365 – now Zensai – are industry leaders in learning, engagement and performance and offer the only human success platform built for Microsoft 365.

Essential’s relationship with the company started 5 years ago, when we introduced LMS365, their learning management system for Microsoft 365 to our UK customer base.

The platform has gone from strength to strength and now includes support for driving employee development, engagement, and performance...all from within Microsoft 365.

Powered by AI and designed for optimal productivity in enterprises that have invested in Microsoft technologies, Zensai offers a unique proposition: learning, development and engagement in the flow of work.

The suite of Zensai solutions now includes:

  • Learn365. Develop skills according to roles and interests, track certification compliance and accelerate onboarding.
  • Engage365. Ensure people feel valued and engaged with a framework for regular employee check-in, coaching, and recognition.
  • Perform365. Give employees clarity on expectations and provide managers with tools to support and coach their teams to perform at their highest potential.

Each of these elements can be surfaced from within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, including Teams, SharePoint, Viva, Outlook and a mobile app. This offers many benefits, including:

  • A great end user experience – there’s no separate system to log into or learn
  • Peace of mind for the IT team – the platform leverages existing security measures
  • Convenience for L&D professionals – resources such as Teams video footage, applications for co-authoring learning content, support for virtual training, etc. is all ‘baked in’ and readily available.

The combined Zensai and Essential proposition is enabling enterprises throughout the UK to rapidly deploy learning and development programmes – both to employees and external partners.

Our esteemed customers span all sectors including the police, local government, healthcare, recruitment, energy, education and more.

Delivering these solutions from within Microsoft 365, Teams, SharePoint, Viva and Outlook is the key to success for the organisations we work with.

Charles Ross, senior account manager, Essential

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