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Learning Management Systems

Providing healthcare professionals with online learning using Microsoft 365

Discover how NHS Informatics built on its Microsoft investment to deliver a secure learning portal for its health and care partners

NHS Informatics Merseyside provides digital services and IT support to health and care organisations in the North West of England.

To enhance the digital skills of the healthcare workforce, NHS Informatics Merseyside required an online learning solution that would enable individuals working for a broad spectrum of healthcare organisations to learn at a time and location convenient for them.

A simple mechanism via which users of the learning platform could self-register and automatically be associated with the relevant learning groups was also need.

To achieve this goal, NHS Informatics Merseyside built on their existing investment in Microsoft 365 to create:

  • A learning management system (LMS) for Microsoft 365 that facilitated online training services
  • A secure portal via which individuals from external partner organisations can register for training

The solution comprised

  • Learn365 (previously LMS365) – is the LMS designed specifically for Microsoft 365 and available in the NHS shared tenant
  • Extranet User Manager (EUM) – the secure portal for external collaboration that builds on Azure AD

Both of these solutions are available from Essential through G-Cloud Digital Marketplace from Essential.

Deliver a secure online learning to staff & partners

Discover how you can build on native Microsoft 365 to provide remote and hybrid learning to your workforce and beyond.