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Microsoft Teams membership enrol learners LMS365

Learning Management

Using Microsoft Teams membership to enrol learners in LMS365

How to manage role based learning with ease in Microsoft Teams

Delivering learning in a way that’s embedded in Microsoft Teams is a great way to maximise employee engagement with your training:

Benefits of Microsoft Teams-integrated learning include:

  • Access to training course materials without having to logon to a separate portal
  • Inbuilt chat and video support
  • A community-based learning experience

Those responsible for managing, promoting and tracking learning and development can also benefit from a Teams-based approach – especially when it comes to managing role-based training.

This video demonstrates how you can harness the power of Teams to manage learner enrolments using LMS356, the Learning Management System for Microsoft 365.

This includes the automatic onboarding of staff to essential reading and training when they are added to an ‘all company Team’.

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