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NUI Galway

Email Archive Migration

Zantaz EAS to Microsoft Exchange Migration

The University’s objective was to consolidate all its email data into one place into Exchange 2010, migrating them Exchange 2003 and Autonomy Enterprise Archive Solution (EAS).

During 2012 a significant restructuring took place within the University and two ICT departments were amalgamated into one.

Previously the departments each had its own Microsoft Exchange 2003 service along with a  significant amount of historic data stored in a  dedicated archive service based on Autonomy Enterprise Archive Solution (EAS).

The University’s objective was to consolidate all  its email data into one place and at the same time upgrade from Exchange 2003 to 2010 as a way of providing better services to staff.

It was also decided that the contents of its legacy archive – some 18 million emails spread across 500 mailbox archives – should be moved into the Exchange Online Archive service, part of Office 365.

To learn more how NUI Galway moved its Autonomy EAS archives to Exchange read the case study.

NUI EAS to Exchange migration

Powerful & Fast Email Archive Migration

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