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Build on Microsoft Teams for the ultimate LMS & LXP

Deliver a leading-edge learning experience (LXP) in the flow of work

Give remote & mobile workforces a unified learning experience that your business already knows how to use.

Management & experience combined

Transform your learning culture by leveraging Microsoft Teams –  the ultimate hub for teamwork, knowledge sharing & social interaction.

Democratised learning

Let your workforce easily find their own training, make recommendations to co-workers & use AI to discover relevant content.

Easy to track & manage

More than just provisioning of learning, there’s full LMS capability to enable you to manage courses & track progress.

Combined LMS & LXP for the Modern Workplace

Build on Microsoft 365 & Teams & stay at the forefront of workforce development.


Modern Digital Workforce Learning

Harness the power of Microsoft Teams to provide a collaborative & personalised learning experience.

LMS systems were originally developed with the concept of managing the process of learning, with a focus on course catalogue management, training course assignment and tracking progress.

An LXP (Learning experience platform) is more about the delivery of learning content to the consumer, making it easy for the ‘end user’ of the training to find training, access it from within their day-to-day flow of work, see what’s popular, easily engage with subject matter experts and make training recommendations to co-workers.

Recommended by Microsoft, our learning management system combines with Microsoft Teams to deliver the ultimate LMS/LXP platform.

By building your learning management environment into Microsoft Teams, you’re automatically aligned with learning in the flow of work practices and able to evolve as fast as the technologies themselves.  This includes leveraging the Microsoft Viva employee experience platform.

Integration with Teams also means you can leverage your Teams video conferencing, chat and file sharing to make the learning experience collaborative and engaging, whether working from home or in the office, and from any device.

Deliver the ultimate individual & team learning experience:

  • Provide Netflix-style training listings
  • An AI bot helps discover relevant learning content
  • Enable powerful searches
  • Train as a team & make recommendations
  • Chat, video call & share with fellow learners & trainers
  • Provide access from any device, including offline

…all delivered in the flow of work

Microsoft Teams meeting Learning Experience Solutions

Create a modern leaning experience

Develop a Thriving & Inclusive Culture of Learning

Accommodate the needs of your enterprise in the Modern Digital Workforce.

Learning in isolation is hard and can be demoralising and unproductive.

By building your learning environment into Microsoft Teams, you can create a powerful virtual classroom environment and enable employees to collaborate and support each other throughout the learning process.

Using our LMS you can easily transition from an outdated top-down learning approach to an inclusive democratised learning approach with features that include:

  • Training self-selection
  • Co-worker recommendations
  • Message boards & file sharing
  • Instructor-led training
  • Certificates, leader boards & gamification
  • Training feedback polls & rating

And, by surfacing training within your existing Teams (or SharePoint) environment, training becomes effective as it’s embedded within everyone’s everyday workflow (and not part of a separate system that may be easily overlooked or ignored).

An LMS and LXP Combined

Manage, curate & deliver training in one portal

Combine advanced learning management with an unrivalled user experience

Now you can combine an advanced learning management system and an unrivalled learning experience in one place: Microsoft Teams.

Learning managers to curate content, design courses and quizzes, assign training programs and track progress using a Teams-based (or SharePoint-based) management system.

Instructors and managers can also make use of polls and employee discussion spaces to assess how their learning content is processed and interacted with.  This helps managers spend more time on learning management and less time guessing what is working.

Importantly, by building on Teams, learners are able to find, access and collaborate on their learning journey from within their day-to-day working portal.

LMS 365

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