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Enterprise Vault to EV.Cloud migration

Move your on-premises EV archive to Veritas EV.Cloud, quickly, seamlessly & securely.

EV on premises TO EV.Cloud migration

Super-fast, 1-step migration from Enterprise Vault to EV.cloud

Long term experts in Enterprise Vault and Enterprise Vault migrations, Essential will provide you with the fastest and most reliable solution for your EV to EV.cloud migration.

We will deliver a seamless, selective and audited migration from Enterprise Vault to EV.cloud in 1-step.

Get in touch today for a quotation to move your archives as a fixed price, fully-managed service.


Leading EU Bank migrates AXS-One for Notes to EV for Exchange

Large financial institution migrates 20TB from AXS-One for IBM Lotus Notes to Veritas Enterprise Vault for Microsoft Exchange In a move that had to ‘tick the boxes’ of both its […]

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Enterprise Vault to Microsoft 365 DIY migration


Accelerate productivity, compliance & onboarding with learning management that runs in Microsoft 365, SharePoint & Teams.


Fine tune your move for success

A comprehensive service

As part of the migration service we can help you profile exactly what you have, and present options for dealing a variety of different scenarios. For example:

  • Excluding archives over a certain age
  • Filtering out other non-applicable content
  • Identifying leavers, orphaned mailboxes, etc.

We can also advise on and fit around your overall migration and data governance strategy, working hand-in-hand with your IT and compliance teams to deliver a successful outcome.


“From the outset Essential provided us with a lot of information about preparing for the migration and what to expect from the process. They also had a good understanding of compliance and audit requirements, all of which gave us a lot of confidence in their approach.”

Bob Greenwood, IT Manager, Trowers & Hamlins Law Firm

Key Benefits

Optimal migration control

High performance

Your data is extracted from Enterprise Vault using optimum EV extraction techniques & unbeatable ingestion speeds into EV.cloud.

One clean step

Your data is then moved in one step – there’s no interim storage or formats that could compromise the integrity of your data or add extra cost & time to your migration.

Seamless experience

All identities are migrated to ensure the end user’s experience is as seamless as possible, & that there’s no surprises ‘post-migration’.

Centralise your journals

If you’ve been using EV to capture your Exchange journals to date, we will switch your Microsoft 365 journal feed to EV.Cloud & move your historic journals, ensuring everything is protected & fully discoverable in one place.

Meet compliance needs

As part of the migration you’ll get a full chain-of-custody report enabling your business to meet compliance objectives.  All existing classifications (including policies, patterns and tags) will be mapped across.

Advanced trouble shooting

If an item fails to migrate (usually due to corruption in the EV archive or a temporary network problem), our service includes remediation: In short, if we can fix your email we will. If the email is damaged beyond repair, we still might be able to salvage all or part of it for your legal department.

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