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Book Workspaces from your Mobile Device

A modern workspace scheduling solution is not complete without a slick mobile booking option for your workforce.

Find available workspaces, make bookings, find colleagues and check-in/out from any mobile device.

Make bookings on the go

Our mobile app lets staff view and book available workspaces & other resources: either in advance or on the day.

Powerful searching

Use dynamic office floor maps to quickly find and book free resources, find the location of pre-booked resources or search for colleagues


Delivers a range of booking options for optimum convenience. For example, book in advance from your desktop, and check in on arrival from your smartphone.


Check-in & check-out from your seat, avoid using communal touch screens, make bookings simply by scanning strategically placed QR signs or using the full app.

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Mobile Room & Desk Booking for the Microsoft Modern Workplace

Streamline the process of booking and checking into office workspace for remote and mobile staff.

Advanced on-the-go booking

Easy, On-the-move Functionality

When your team can easily find colleagues and book the spaces and things they need on the move, they’re free to focus on getting the job done.

  • Find the right workspace based on location, capacity & features
  • Book a room or desk in seconds
  • Create reservations using a floor-plan or calendar view
  • Find a colleague & book a workspace nearby for optimum collaboration
  • Book ahead, or find a room near your location while on the move
  • Create complex recurring bookings
  • Order catering, equipment and change room layouts
  • Configure setup and clean-up time & add notes
  • Occupy a desk instantly with contactless functionality
Screen signage solutions

Advanced integration features

Enterprise-level Functionality

Our mobile apps are just one part of agile working toolkit for unified enterprise workspace booking and management.

When you book a room or a desk, or make a change to a reservation, Outlook calendars, web views and digital signage will also immediately show the most up-to-date information so everyone knows exactly what’s going on.  

If not everyone uses a mobile device it’s no problem -you can mix and match a range of options for contactless booking and check-in.

‘Behind the scenes’ custom ‘rules’ let you optimise resource utilisation, set cut-off times for ordering catering, allow for set-up and cleaning buffers, enable COVID-safe spacing and so on.

Advanced data capture enables you to make better decisions to optimise your workplace & demonstrate ROI using interactive reports that let you to analyse utilisation data from all angles.  There’s also the data you need to support Covid-19 contact tracing.


Usability features

Advanced integration features

Usability features

See availability at a glance

When you’re on the move and looking for a meeting room or desk, just tap ‘book here and now’ to find out what’s available nearby, based on your current location.

  • Use dynamic office floor maps to ease your navigation
  • Filters let you find the workspaces with the resources you need, such as a riser desk or docking station
  • Search for co-workers in order to book a workspace nearby

Advanced integration features

Supports iOS & Android

The meeting room and desk booking app is available for Android and iPhone. It’s also included free with every subscription.

Streamline your meeting room & desk scheduling

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