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Book rooms & desks using your mobile phone

Streamline the process of booking and checking into office workspaces for your workforce.

Workspace Booking Mobile App

Easy, on-the-move functionality

When your team can easily find colleagues and book the spaces and resources they need on the move, they’re free to focus on getting the job done

  • Find the right workspace based on location, capacity & features
  • Book a room or desk in seconds
  • Create reservations using a floor plan or calendar view
  • Find a colleague & book a workspace nearby for optimum collaboration
  • Book ahead, or find a room near your location while on the move
  • Order catering, equipment and change room layouts
  • Occupy a desk instantly with contactless functionality

See availability at a glance

When you’re on the move and looking for a meeting room or desk, just tap ‘book here and now’ to find out what’s available nearby, based on your current location.

Use dynamic office floor maps to ease your navigation
Filters let you find the workspaces with the resources you need, such as a riser desk or docking station
Search for co-workers in order to book a workspace nearby

Hassle-free, secure check-ins

Checking in to your meeting room or hot desk is fast and easy.

  • Use NFC or bluetooth for instant contactless check-in
  • Scan a QR code with your phone’s camera
  • Extend your booking at the touch of a button
  • Finished early? End your booking and the desk will show as available for others to use

Supports iOS & Android

The meeting room and desk booking app is available for Android and iPhone. It’s also included free with every subscription.

Google places integration

Meeting in an unfamiliar place? No problem. We’ll help you find parking or public transport and locate services such as cafes, hotels and restaurants nearby.

Workspace Booking Mobile App

Enterprise-level functionality & options

Our mobile apps are just part of our agile working toolkit for unified enterprise workspace booking and management.

If not everyone uses a mobile device it’s not a problem.  You can mix and match a range of options for contactless booking, digital signage and check-in:

  • Use Microsoft Outlook or a web app to make ‘desktop’ bookings in advance
  • Use their mobile to make ad-hoc bookings, amend bookings
  • Check-in on the day using the mobile app OR staff ID cards or a link in an email
  • Scan a QR code to check-in or make an ad-hoc booking

All functionality and the ‘end user experience’ is consistent, whichever interface is used, minimising the learning curve and avoiding confusion.

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