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About Agile Workspace Booking Kiosks

Placed in foyers and reception areas, our kiosks and wayfinders make it easy for staff to find where they need to be, locate co-workers and make instant bookings of available rooms, desks, huddlespaces and other facilities

Clear indication of availability status and location is essential in optimising your workspace efficiency and staff wellbeing. Our flexible kiosk and wayfinder screens are helping enterprises cope with evolving workspace challenges, improve productivity and reduce office space overheads.

Interactive Floor Plans

Use multi-floor interactive maps to give staff at-a-glance availability and location information, instant booking, check-in, check-out and extend functions.

Tailored to your exact needs

Incorporate logos, colour schemes and fonts – all of which enhance the end-user experience and make your office look super-slick for staff and visitors alike.

A wide range of options

Use industry standard hardware to deliver your ideal combination of interactive floorplan kiosks, display only wayfinders and individual room and desk signs.


Allow staff to check in and make bookings without using touch screens – e.g. using a wide range of RFID cards and fobs, Outlook or their own mobile device using an app or to scan a QR sign.

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Overview Screens & Kiosks Solutions for the Modern Workplace

Ideal for reception and lobby areas, our menu-driven kiosk system delivers interactive floor plan maps and other services to enable staff to locate, book and check-into workspaces.


Interactive & Intuitive Workspace Booking

Give your staff the workspace sharing flexibility they require

Staff can select their preferred workspace using a range of ‘kiosk’ services that include:

  • An interactive floor plan that lets you navigate between buildings, floors & departments
  • Searching for specific capacity & facilities (e.g. riser desk)
  • Searching for a co-worker (in order to book a workspace near them)
  • On the spot & future bookings

Virtually any off-the-shelf device can be used for your overview screens, which are ideally placed in reception areas and lobbies.

For ultimate flexibility and contactless operation you can also deliver the same ‘kiosk experience’ via a web page accessed from your intranet or users’ mobile devices.


Streamline your Reception Services

Typically used in read-only mode, simple listings are ideal for busy reception areas and can include meeting room name, status and way-finding arrows.

  • Locate in receptions, lift lobbies, etc
  • Use our dedicated display screen or your own large-format TV
  • Display simple lists
  • Include way-finding arrows
  • Auto-rotate through listings
  • Use on dedicated screen or add as a menu option to interactive kiosk
  • Display real-time messages for visitors & health & safety messages

Workspace Booking Screen Options & Features

The widest range of room & desk screen options

Give your staff the workspace sharing flexibility they require

Use your own choice of screen

Save on maintenance and replacement costs by using your own choice of screen device. Large format screens Windows devices are great, but you can also use smaller Apple iOS or Android tablets.

Streamline your meeting room & desk scheduling

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