Compliance & Procedure Training

Streamline the process of updating staff on policy & procedure & prove due diligence. 


Deliver policy, procedure & compliance training & updates in a way that's easy for staff & trackable for your company.

Easily Induct & Update Staff

Onboard new starts & target existing staff with updates to corporate policies & training that's accessible within the line of work.

Demonstrate Due Diligence

Prove that staff have been provided with - and engaged with - relevant training relating to health & safety, cybersecurity, data privacy, etc.

Engage Staff

Compliance & procedure training can be 'dry'.  LMS365 makes training accessible & compelliing by putting it the flow of work.

Microsoft 365 Learning Management System in a 2 minutes video

Compliance & procedure training done directly in Microsoft 365, SharePoint & Teams

Keeping staff up-to-date with changes in regulations relevant to your business, health and safety updates, corporate values, IT acceptable usage policies and more is challenging:

The ability to deliver this content in a way that's as engaging as possible to your workforce, and trackable to the business, is essential.

This is more important now than ever, as enterprises have the challenge of navigating a whole new way of working remotely, and, where possible, returning to work safely.

By leveraging the collaborative approach and secure anywhere, any device access that Microsoft 365 offers, your compliance training is instantly more engaging and accessible.

  • Social distancing & other health & safety advice
  • Cyber security training
  • GDPR guidelines
  • ISO 27001 training
  • Equality & diversity training

...the list is endless.


Deliver a truly digital learning experience for your enterprise

See how you can enable your team to learn directly from Microsoft Teams

Easy to use and administrate

Integrated with Microsoft 365, SharePoint and Teams, this LMS delivers intuitive features that make it easy to respond to any training need without programming, system integration, unwanted complexity or 'technology overkill'.

  • Training owners can easily create & track their training
  • Combine documents, videos, PowerPoints, SCORM content
  • Bespoke/in-house training content
  • Target training to any user group, role or ad-hoc list
  • Create quizzes to check understanding
  • Supports users inside & outside your company
  • Works with Microsoft 365 cloud single sign-on
  • Automatically update/remind staff of new training & progress using Outlook
  • Give users, groups & course owners a progress dashboard & leaderboard
Easy to use and configure LMS for Office 365
LMS365 mobile application to manage learning

Mobile Learning

Accommodate the needs of your enterprise in the Modern Digital Workforce. Accessing corporate policy and training has never been more convenient through the intuitive learning app.

  • Mobile apps for Andriod and iOS
  • Offline Player for SCORM content

Track & Report on Engagement

Delivering training - and being able to ensure that staff have properly engaged and understood this training - is vital.

In addition to ensuring the well-being and safety of individuals, companies are often audited by external bodies to ensure they meet industry standards and are compliant with the associated regulations.

  • Track confirmation that staff have read (& understood) content
  • Set due dates & expirations
  • Target retraining in the event of a role change
  • Maintain training records & prove due diligence
  • Automatically publish SOPs (standard operating procedures)
LMS365 Power BI reporting
Power BI logo
LMS365 Tailored Experiences

Create a Tailored Experience

Deliver company training and corporate policies and updates in a way that helps you track progress and demonstrate due diligence.

  • Target training based on role
  • Create onboarding training plans for 'new starts'
  • Easily customise with graphics & terminology
  • Assign to Teams & Microsoft 365 Groups

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Deliver a truly digital learning experience for your enterprise