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Announcing LMS365 (now Learn365) Support for LinkedIn Learning 

If, as an organisation, you have invested in Microsoft 365, by using an LMS solution that builds on this platform, you can turbo-charge your eLearning initiatives.

What is LinkedIn Learning? 

Launched 20 years ago, LinkedIn is one of the oldest social media platforms still in operation today.  It was initially designed as a platform for professionals to connect with one another and build their networks. Over the years, the platform has evolved to offer a wide range of features and services, including job listings, advertising, and professional development. 

LinkedIn Learning is a key component of the LinkedIn ‘professional development offering’. It offers access to a library of over 18,000+ online courses taught by industry experts on topics such as business, technology, and creative skills.   Not surprisingly (since Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in 2016), this content also includes Microsoft skills development. 

Users of LinkedIn Learning can showcase their completed courses and certificates in their LinkedIn profiles to prospective employers and connections. 

Employers also benefit from using the LinkedIn platform to provide learning and development opportunities for their employees, with the ability track learner progress and engagement as well as create custom content. 

What is LMS365 (now Learn365)? 

Learn365 is a learning management system (LMS) that is built into Microsoft 365. 

Part of a Human Success platform that includes Performance and Engagement Management, Learn365 provides an array of services that support the learning journey, including the ability to create and import learning content, devise quizzes and assessments, assign training to individuals or based on roles, track training progress, meet training goals, renew certifications, and so on. 

Our LMS for Microsoft 365 is available through G-Cloud

A unique feature of Learn365 is that it allows learners to locate and ‘consume’ training, and learning and development managers to administrate training, from within Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.   

If your business has adopted Microsoft 365, it means that learning can be delivered ‘in the flow of work’, with all the supporting features that this platform delivers, including security, accessibility, collaboration, video conferencing and more. 

The benefits for businesses and learners with LMS365 support for Linkedin 

Learn365 support for LinkedIn Learning courses means employers and employees can get the best of both worlds, with combined learning benefits that include:

By combining LMS365 and LinkedIn Learning you will benefit from:

  • One place to look for training: LinkedIn training courses can be browsed alongside other training sources in the Learn365 catalogue view.  There’s also no need to logon separately to LinkedIn (even with LinkedIn support for SSO, learners still need to proactively ‘go there’ to access their learning). 
  • Off-the-shelf training content that can be customised into company-specific training programs:  LinkedIn Learning training courses can be combined into training plans alongside your own company-specific training content, company-related tests and quizzes, branded certifications, etc.  For example, you could combine generic sales skills training with product-specific training. 
  • Training that can be managed and tracked centrally.  The progress of all learning – not just LinkedIn Learning – can be tracked in a way that’s personalised to learner and career goals, CEU/CPD accreditations and certifications, as well as your organisation’s overall objectives.  You can also use Learn365 to track and assess classroom-based and on the job training, not just eLearning. 
  • Learning that’s surfaced in the flow of work.  Learn365 surfaces learning and learning management via the tools that many individuals now use to connect and collaborate daily, i.e., Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.  For example, individuals can make training recommendations and support each other using Teams Chat or connect with subject matter experts over Teams video.   
  • Improved security.  By using the Learn365 platform to manage training, there’s no separate security infrastructure to be concerned about.  All your learning records, training plans and certifications are maintained under one roof. 


In summary, the partnership between Learn365 and LinkedIn Learning will give enterprises instant access to a vast library of learning content.  It will also give enterprises the ability to harness and deploy this content in line with both business and individual goals. 

One final note is that integration with LinkedIn Learning requires that this platform is licenced accordingly. 

Learning Management Solutions built on Microsoft 365

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