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Workforce development & training: The need for speed

The ‘need for speed’ has always been essential in today’s highly competitive world, and the pandemic has called for even greater pace and agility on the part of businesses as they fight to adapt – and hopefully thrive – in these challenging times.

Just before Christmas a leading UK estate agent went live with its Microsoft Teams-based learning management system (LMS 365) from Essential.

Keeping its staff up-to-date on safety guidance and other changes in the housing market was vital, and speed was ‘of the essence’.

Up & Running in 4 weeks (*or less) with LMS 365

The really great news is that for this particular customer it took a fast, just over 4 week process to progress from ‘solution selection’ to rolling out their first training courses to their 1,800+ workforce with our learning management software.

A big contributor to our rapid deployment is the fact that the LMS we work with is specifically developed to run in a pre-existing Microsoft environment.  This significantly accelerates the job of setting up learners, and managing content and access, with services that include:

  • Learner enrolment to courses according to existing AD groups
  • Access management & content protection according to already defined security policies
  • Support for SharePoint hub sites enabling connection of related content & common search, navigation & branding
  • Super-easy set-up of existing training content, including SCORM

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The ‘not so good’ news and ‘not so good’ features

The bad news (for us, at least) is that this particular customer intends to switch to a different LMS that is part of a much bigger all-encompassing ERP solution at a later date, they just needed a fast LMS deployment now.   

They confessed to this on the outset.  Their explanation was that the timelines involved rolling out their originally planned ERP system were much longer than the HR & Learning team wanted to wait….and they needed to get going with training asap.

But hey – isn’t that what it’s all about?  This is the beauty of on-demand, software as a service and pay-as-you-go licensing in action.

Other features is the investment on the part of their workforce in getting to grips with LMS365 will be minimal.  This is down to the fact that LMS365 presents itself as a seamless extension to their existing Teams and SharePoint environment.

I guess their rationale is that a pain-free adoption of this easy to use system will make moving to a new LMS in the future less of an ordeal for end users.  Easy come, easy go, if you will.

Our LMS team secretly thinks that they’ll get on with it so well, they’ll want to stick with it in the long run….we’ll watch with interest.

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* We are working on another project right now for a recruitment agency that will roll out within 2 weeks of purchase.  Other recent projects have run at 18, 22, 30 an 35 days from purchase to implementation. Projects typically commence within a week, installation within 2 weeks and training within week 3.

Fast LMS 365 deployment