Email User Experience

Get the real UX with Mailscape 7.2.

We are pleased to announce ENow's latest release of Mailscape, which features some great new tools to help you get to grips with - and enhance - your email users' experience (UX).

There’s also updates across the entire ENow suite of tools which will be of particular interest if you’re planning a migration to Office 365 or are using Skype for Business.


What’s New in Mailscape for Exchange?


  • Understand the real UX.  Based on ENow’s popular Remote Probes for Office 365, these lightweight agents remotely test specific Exchange protocols and services, performing the same operations that Outlook clients do and reporting back to the ENow's monitoring server. For example, you can put Remote Probes on user workstations at remote facilities to give you accurate, real-time performance and latency information (rather than you having to ‘take the user’s word for it’).*
  • Open the Managed Availability ‘Black Box’ – Understanding what Microsoft’s native monitoring system (Managed Availability) has actually detected and the remediation steps it has carried out in order to resolve an end user experience problem can be tricky.  There’s now a new Dashboard that gives you better visibility of all Managed Availability escalations and which will help you quickly understand what and why any given actions were started.
  • "Preview" Support for Exchange 2016.


Additional minor improvements and fixes include:


  • Improved monitoring and alerting on individual Exchange databases for free volume space, backups, replay queues, copy queues and lag times.
  • A new user interface for configuring the External Mail Flow tests, including providing support for using multiple test accounts
  • Optimised memory usage by the Mailscape Message Tracker.
  • Improved support for lagged mailbox database copies
  • Improvements to the streamlining and appearance of alert messages and reports
  • Resolved Issue with Exchange 2013 where the PAM functionality indicator alerts if DAG status is also alerting
  • Calls to deprecated cmdlets from agents installed on Exchange 2013 and higher versions have been removed.


*Remote Probes are an add-on that requires separate licenses and are installed and managed through our new Remote Probe management dashboard, also included in this release.  Give us a call for pricing details.


Office 365 Monitoring & Reporting Enhancements

If you’re planning a migration to Office 365, Mailscape 365 is an absolute must-have, and we recommend you get a guided tour of what’s in it.

Apart from helping you monitor all the many complex ‘moving parts’ that make up a hybrid deployment (such as free/busy sync, autodiscover verification, mailflow testing, OWA, Outllook and mobile device connectivity), Mailscape 365 now includes:


  • Remote Probes – This feature helps you monitor the user experience from inside as well as outside your network by executing synthetic transactions against Exchange and Office 365 to test connection latency and determine whether any user-perceived performance issues can be improved at all.
  • Office 365 Readiness Reporting – Mailscape 365 can help accelerate your Office 365 migration in a number of ways (more on this subject later).  Version 7.2 includes the ability identify users whose account attributes might need to be changed before starting AD synchronisation testing.


Skype for Business Monitoring & Reporting Enhancements

As more businesses are implementing Lync/Skype for Business as its communication, conferencing and VoIP tool, Enow’s updates to its Uniscope' product for Skype for Business monitoring will surely make an impact.  These include:


  • Enhanced Usage reports to assist with charge-back and SLA planning.
  • Online monitoring teststhat faithfully replicate actual client operations to give you a clear picture of connectivity, network, endpoint, and certificate problems.
  • Added preview support for Skype for Business 2016.Because of the many different hybrid and mixed-version configurations of Skype and Lync, we’re labelling this as “preview support” and will be continuing to improve our support for extended topologies throughout Q1 2016.
  • Support for on-premises Skype for Business.


To book in your Mailscape upgrade please get in touch with Alternatively if you would like to trial or look into one of the above modules in more detail please let Emma know and she will be happy to provide further information!



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