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We’re delighted to bring to you the new release version of 7.2 where Enow have once again listened to your feedback, and stuck to their mantra providing actionable insights (not just collections of data) so that you can reduce time troubleshooting.

Here are some of the release highlights:



  • A new reporting engine will give you ‘insights’ - the ability to interact with the most frequently used reports (sorting columns, grouping data, exporting to PDF or Excel). These new style reports will also help feed into your KPIs and track trends.
  • Brand new reports include ADFS usage and security to show you who’s logging on and what kind of logon errors are occurring.



  • You can now properly integrate Mailscape with other SNMP-based monitoring solutions like Microsoft SCOM and HP OpenView. When Mailscape detects that a monitored parameter has gone into or out of the exception range, we can fire a trap to the destination of your choice.
  • As you’d expect, Enow are continuing to future proof your environment so Uniscope now fully supports Skype for Business 2016 and Mailscape now fully supports Exchange 2016.

Also, the installer has been completely re-written and is nearly twice as fast as the old one, automates most installation steps, and is much better-looking. There’s the usual bug fixes included, but in line with Enow's new release schedule, look out for maintenance releases going forward. These will only contain defect fixes, not new features.


Feature Review: Are you supporting users in multiple locations? Check out Mailscape 365 Remote Probes!

This is functionality that our customers have been finding really valuable since its release earlier this year. It’s helping teams respond to calls from users saying “it’s slow today”.

Remote probes mimic your end user experience, running every few minutes, performance testing from locations you specify. Using this functionality you can:

  • See if an outage is affecting your operations globally or confined to a specific location
  • Instantly identify which service is affected (Exchange Online/SharePoint Online..)
  • Quantify performance by capturing base line performance and spotting spikes in latency. From here you can get a full history of issues, determine bottlenecks and suggest required improvements (e.g. increasing bandwidth to a specific site).


Its wizard driven and very easy to deploy so worth checking out!

Get in touch with Emma for upgrade information or if you’d like to a product tour of Mailscape 365.

You can also read more about this release from Enow's Paul Robichaux.


Start monitoring & reporting your cloudy world.
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